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Firewood Suppliers & Delivery

FirewoodAdelanto, CA

Montoya's Wholesale NurseryCompany Cities/areas

Firewood Supplier, Plant Nursery

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12051 Victor St, Adelanto, CA

Bun Warmers FirewoodFirewood For Sale in Apple Valley, CA

Firewood Sales

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12218 Apple Valley Rd, #107,
Apple Valley, CA 92308

FirewoodHesperia, CA

Discount FirewoodFirewood in Hesperia, Ca

Firewood for all your needs

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11565 Santa Fe Ave E. Hesperia, Ca 92345

Firewood for fireplaces, wood burning stoves, camping, cooking, bbq/smoking wood. We sell any amount from single firewood logs to bundles, wheelbarrels, 1/4 cords, 1/2 cords, and full cords. In short, any amount you would like! Currrently we carry a hardwood/softwood mix, eucalyptus, almond, citrus, peach, mesquite and red oak.

FirewoodPhelan, CA

Woodchuckers FirewoodCheap Firewood Phelan, High Desert

Firewood | Free Local Delivery


Focusing primarily on stove cuts, eucalyptus, oak and mixed loads. We have the best seasoned eucalyptus & oak/mixed firewood around. The we prepare it to be delivered to you at affordable prices. We do not buy firewood from brokers. We get these trees, bring them to our location in Phelan. Call us today to see if you are in our free delivery area.

FirewoodVictorville, CA

Mark & Nellie's NurseryVictorville - High Desert Nursery

Quality Plants and Quantity Prices

(760) 956-3900


12875 Bear Valley Rd. Victorville, CA 92392

Firewood available, priced for the season

C&S Firewood CompanyVictorville Firewood

Firewood Sales, and Supply

(760) 241-9723

14563 Dos Palmas Rd. Victorville, CA 92392

Established in 2010, we sell premium firewood for the lowest price we can and guarantee our product to be satisfactory every time you buy. We are family owned and operated and we work out of our home office which sits on a little under an acre of land which is dedicated to hosting the best hardwoods and highest quality softwoods we can get.

FirewoodWrightwood, CA

WW FirewoodFirewood Wrightwood, Ca

Eucalyptus and/or a Hardwood Mix

(760) 249-4040

  • Eucalyptus - $279
  • Eucalyptus Mix - $269
  • Hardwood Mix - $259

The Eucalyptus guarantees 100% hardwood, which will always be the best heating value. The Hardwood Mix is mostly hardwood, but guarantees some softer wood to get the fire started. The Euc Mix is half of each, and is the best of both worlds: guaranteed heating value in the Euc, with softer wood.

Lange's WoodyardFirewood Wrightwood, Ca

Chainsaw Carvings - Firewood

(760) 249-6344

Pine Street & Hwy 2, Wrightwood, CA 92397